Thursday, March 14, 2013

Evil Fortress - Projection

Here are the results of the projection mapping tests with my earlier fortress concept. Apart from the rocks in the foreground and After Effect elements, the scene is captured almost entirely from the concept painting projected onto basic 3D geometry.

Watch in HD

This can result for some relatively detailed results without having to spend huge amounts of time modelling complex geometry. Of course, the method comes with its own challenges mainly having to create and project several variations of the image to cover any loose spots depending on the movement of the camera.

Some more could be done to introduce more depth into the scene with appropiate scene dressing and camera work. But as a quick experiment, I'm relatively pleased with the results having carried out the process myself, and understanding how to better approach this method in future.


  1. Lovely stuff leo... I hear congratulations are in order for some rather prestigious work you've landed yourself. Good luck with it all. Blog work is looking awesome... Phill

    1. Hey thanks Phil, its good to hear from you. Yes I've been quite fortunate, though I should find the time to upload new stuff on here. Really liked your recent zbrush scuplts btw :)